Nepenthes rajah

Photography Rod Kruger © copyright 2004

Nepenthes rajah is probably the most well known of all pitcher plants, and also one of the most impressive. Its typical habitat includes open grassy areas, and the plant is terrestrial. Pitchers grow to huge dimensions, up to 35 cm high and 18 cm wide, with a wide, deep red peristome and large lid. This species has been documented to catch small mammals and lizards, and is restricted to Mt Kinabalu and Mt Tambuyukon, in Sabah. The plant itself does not tend to climb, and as would be expected, can reach very large dimensions. One of only 2 Nepenthes species that are listed on CITES appendix 1.


ELEVATION: 1500-2600 meters

This is a notoriously slow species to grow, but is generally a fairly tough plant, dealing with moderate fluctuations in temperature and humidity. However, it should be treated as a typical highland plant, and a mixture with high amounts of sphagnum moss would be the medium of choice. A large N rajah would be the pride of any Nepenthes collection.

SCALE: 1-5 (1-easy, 5-challenging)

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